The Burgh 7 April 2024

This most scenic of the group walks was favoured with an attendance of sixteen, a surprising number in view of the strong winds arising from the coat tails of Storm Kathleen. A female Yellowhammer and a charm of Goldfinches in the car park were a good start. During the walk west along the South Downs Way Skylarks were much in evidence and remained so throughout the day; the wind kept them low to the ground and the close views of them were excellent. The conditions seemed to have caused many birds to shelter in the the copse at the first junction. Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps were in good voice while tits and Chaffinches were attending the feeder. A Firecrest was singing in an ivy-clad tree but could not be located but consolation came when a more cooperative Treecreeper came into view. During the descent to the valley some Linnets and more Yellowhammers appeared while raptors were represented by two Buzzards, three Red Kites and a Kestrel. A Slow Worm on the edge of the path was an unexpected treat. Large flocks of Stock Doves were seen both in the air and feeding in the fields. Two partridges were also seen that later proved to be Red-legged. At the first rest stop some mobbing crows and an alarmed Lapwing briefly pinpointed a ringtail Hen Harrier that all too soon concealed itself behind a hedgerow. At various points a total of seven Brown Hares were browsing in the meadows. The return to the car park was less productive until the final stage when a single Grey Partridge appeared in the open close to a field margin before flying off. Finally a Raven and a Swallow completed the avian count for the day bringing the total to 33.

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