Church Norton 12 September 2021

The weather for our walk from the visitor centre at RSPB Pagham Harbour to Church Norton and back was superb.

Ten attended and saw at least 44 species.

Top sightings were:

  • ·         Spotted Redshanks in the channel opposite the Ferry Pool (with common redshanks for comparison)
  • ·         Cattle Egrets (x2)
  • ·         Clouds of Swallows and House Martins swooping low over the reeds
  • ·         Stonechats, Wheatears and a Whinchat atop scrub
  • ·         Roosting young Sandwich Terns among the loafing BH Gulls
  • ·         Kestrels, Buzzards and a hunting Peregrine (that gave a great fly-past)
  •         a hungry Osprey over the harbour allowing excellent, lengthy views.

Interestingly, we also saw quite a range of butterfly species today: Small White, Red Admiral, Peacock, Comma, Holly Blue, Small Copper, Speckled Wood and three Painted Ladies.

After a splendid walk some had sufficient energy to head off to the North Wall to look for the the Red-backed Shrike that had been residing there for the past week. Their quest was rewarded by splendid views evidenced by some superb photographs circulated subsequently on Chat.