Members’ Area

This area is for members of the RSPB Guildford and District Local Group only. In this area you can download copies of our newsletters, the most recent booking forms for trips and holidays etc, the indoor and walks programme (but check the website for alterations), bird lists and survey forms, as well as some general RSPB resources. More will be added over time.

Registered members also get access to our full database of walk locations, ‘Where to watch birds’. This provides information for those thinking about going on a trip including how far away it is and what might they see. It also includes local patch-watcher blogs and other local information provided by the RSPB, SWT, NT, etc. There is a link to all the reports from previous visits to each location. Good birding locations that may not be suitable for group visits are also included. This database is updated and added to regularly. If you have any suggestions or comments please contact Tony Cummins, our walks coordinator.

You need to log in to access this area. If you have registered to use this website you can log-in here or use the log-in form on the home page. If you haven’t already registered, what are you waiting for? Register now.

Chat Group

If you are a member of RSPB Guildford Local Group we also have a mailing list called Chat. This is a way for members to share bird sightings, reports and photos, identification queries and general chit-chat.

Chat is completely separate from our website and you need to register separately for each.

As Chat is only available to RSPB Guildford Local Group members a link to join the Chat mailing list is only available to those who have registered and logged in to the website. If you want to join Chat but don’t want to register for the website please use the Contact Form.