Photo Competition 2019 — winners

The standard of entries was, once again, very high so a big well done to the all the members who entered.

The categories, with winning entries, were:

Birds in Britain: 1st Len Walker – Herons; 2nd Steve Simnett – Wood Warbler; 3rd Steve Simnett – Spotted Flycatcher.

Beasts and Beasties in Britain: Joint 1st.  Andrew Kingston – Wolf Spider with Egg Sack and Penny Blake – Purple Hairstreak Butterfly; 3rd Peter Hambrook – Young Rabbit.

Flowers, Plants and Fungi in Britain: 1st Jackie Marjoram – Bluebell; 2nd Diana Forder – Northern Marsh Orchid; 3rd Angus Lamont – Frosted Figs.

Landscapes of Britain: 1st Peter Hambrook – Bushy Park; 2nd Diana Forder – Greylake; 3rd Malcolm Toyer – Luskentyre Beach.

Wild World: 1st Steve Simnett – Bee Eaters; 2nd Penny Blake – White Lioness; 3rd Faith Cooke – Andean Flamingoes

The Koniotes Award (in memory of Philip Koniotes) was won by Steve Simnett for his Bee Eaters. Peter Hambrook’s Bushy Park came second and joint third were Steve Simnett – Wood Warbler, Rob Cooke – Wood Pigeons, Richard Cheeseman – Buttermere and Penny Blake – White Lioness.

Below are the winning entries: